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  • There is a broken link - what do I do?
    From time to time the links we add to our resources disappear into cyber space. If there is a broken link please let us know - either email or send us a message on the contact page. We will replace it as soon as we can!
  • Can I share a resource with another teacher or colleague?
    We really kindly ask that you don't. We know teachers love to share and this helps our kids. But we spend hours making these for you and the only way we can continue to make them is through your ongoing support. We are a small team teachers trying to make a difference. Supporting us makes a difference. 💜 If it is a free resource, encourage them to make a free account - then they will have access to all our free resources and be able to find more!
  • When will new resources be added?
    Our goal is to make at least one new premium resource per week and at least one new free resource a month.
  • Who makes the resources?
    We have the amazing team at DC ( creating resources for Digital Kete. All recently out of the classroom and facilitating PLD with a range of schools and levels across Aotearoa, NZ, they bring a wealth of experience, curriculum knowledge and pedagogy.
  • I would like to request a resource
    As part of a premium membership you get to have one resource created specifically with you and for you. Any member (free or paid) can also submit a request for any resource that we will add to our create list! We tend to prioritise our paid members suggestions.
  • What formats are your resources in?
    Primarily Google docs, slides, drawings etc As well as a PDF version.
  • I shared a link/resource with my students but they can't access it
    Different schools have different settings for accessing 3rd party apps like Youtube for example. Have a kōrero with your tech person or email to see if we can help.
  • The resource is requiring me to "Request Access"
    Oops! Glitch in the Matrix. Please request access and that will alert us immediately that something's not right. We will get that resource to you within 24 hours.
  • I don't have Google - do the resources come in a Word Doc?
    Not currently - but there is the PDF version.
  • Why should I pay for a subscription?
    You will get access to every single resource we have ever made and a new resource every week. That's at least 52 new resources every year! Every year you get to have one resource made specifically with you and for you as well as the option to request any resource to be added to the top of our create list. Also some 1-1 support with the one of the team Thank you for supporting our small team of passionate NZ educators continue to make a difference and continue to be able to make resources for you 🤗
  • Do you do a free trial?
    Nope! We do free resources - there are heaps already ready to go and one new free resource every month!
  • Do I have to make an account?
    Yes - you can make a free account which means you can download any of our free resources + get access to every free monthly resource we make too. Or you can upgrade your account to a paid membership giving you access to every resource we have ever made and a new resource every week! + a whole lot of other cool perks too!
  • Will my subscription auto-renew?
    Yes, unless you cancel. Which you can do through your membership portal in the profile.
  • I didn't get a confirmation email
    Check your spam or junk. Still not there? Email us to sort it out at
  • I'd like to get subscriptions for my teachers/team
    Ka rawe! You're awesome! On the membership page, choose the school membership based on the amount of teachers you'd like to have premium access.
  • I want to cancel my membership
    No worries, we get it! Pop into "My membership" under your profile name in the top right corner and click on the subscription you have active then find the cancel button. You will still have access for the remainder of the year/month from the date you subscribed. Sorry, we don't do refunds if you cancel before your year or month is finished.
  • Where do I find my subscription/membership details?
    Click on your profile at the top right hand side of the page. From here you can click on: My Profile - update your details and preferences My Kete - find your favourites + personalised resource suggestions (paid memberships) My Membership - add, cancel, renew, check your membership details

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